Doobidoo Baby Diapers Pants – XL Size (12 Count) (15% off)


Doobidoo Baby Diapers Pants – XL Size (12 Count) (15% off)

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Doobidoo brings you the softest & comfiest baby diaper pants for your little one. Premium baby diapers for sensitive skin giving utmost comfort & care. It comes with a cottony soft super stretchable elastic waistband that fits around your baby’s skin which reduces friction and prevents redness around the waist.

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  • Bubble-soft technology: Premium baby diapers come with bubble-soft technology. Its extra-soft material is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Stretchable waistband: The stretchable elastic waistband fits in the baby’s waist reducing friction. An elastic waistband prevents the body from redness and rashes.
  • Super absorbent strength: Its super absorbent funnels advance the absorption strength to 12+ hours.
  • Stronghold and leakage prevention: It has an anti-lock side cuff that prevents leakage and keeps a hold.
  • All sizes available: Baby pants of all sizes are available for sale ensuring the perfect fitness
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Dimensions5 × 20 × 19 cm
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