Wonderize XL Pads – Combo Pack Of 5 (35 Pads)

Wonderize XL Pads – Combo Pack Of 5 (35 Pads)

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Wonderize Soft Comfort XL – Sanitary pads with soft cotton topsheet makes you feel at ease all day long. This variant has been specially made for women – who are looking for softness and comfort in their sanitary pad. Giving you extra protection with 20% longer wider back than regular pad which prevents from leakage and staining. Its odor control system gives delightful smell and keeps the bad smell away for the user to feel fresh and clean all day.

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  • 20% longer wider back
  • With disposable cover
  • Super soft cover
  • Four wall protection
  • Uniquely shaped flaps
  • Fluid capture core
  • Odour control system
  • 20% longer wider back
  • With disposable cover
  • Wonder Soft Cover : So Soft & Cottony feeling, all you need to do is relax.
  • Four Wall Protection : For Ultimate liquid absorption & Distribution
  • Uniquely Shaped Flaps : Perfect fit flaps help pad stay in place to protect staining and prevent bunching
  • Fluid Capture WonderCore : Quickly draws the liquid in and locks away wetness, keeps you clean, hygienic, and active
  • Odour Control System : Keeps you fresh by removing the smell
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Weight0.71 kg
Dimensions25 × 16 × 20 cm
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