Wonderize Ultra Dry Sanitary Pads (XL Size) 25% off


Wonderize Ultra Dry Sanitary Pads (XL Size) 25% off

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Wonderize sanitary napkins Ultra Dry is available at 25% off. It has 30 pads in XL size.


Wonderize sanitary napkins are rash-free comfortable wipes capable of controlling heavy flow. Its edges are crafted with soft material and structured with gel lock technology to avoid spillage. So you won’t have to worry about stains on the clothes. Wonderize sanitary napkins keep the bad odor away and give a delightful smell. It has a 40% wider back than other napkins for extra safety and comfort.

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  • Wonderize Ultra Dry pads come with a disposable bag and are extra large.
  • Its backside is 40% larger than other napkins.
  • It is soft and cottony and will not cause rashes or irritation.
  • It has four layers of fabric that provide three times better absorption and prevent leakage.
  • Its flaps are customized to keep the pad stable and prevent it from bunching.
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Weight0.50 kg
Dimensions20.5 × 2.3 × 8 cm
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