Who WE ARE ?


Silk Soft India, introduced by Nanliu Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. in 2023, stands as a testament to luxurious comfort and exquisite quality. As we embark on building a marketplace, Silk Soft brings its own distinctive range of products to the forefront, promising a blend of elegance and functionality.

Silk Soft India is committed to customer satisfaction above all else. Our passion for innovation drives us to continuously enhance our offerings, ensuring that every product surpasses expectations.

With a relentless dedication to operational excellence, Silk Soft India guarantees seamless transactions and impeccable service. Our long-term vision revolves around creating enduring value for our customers, partners, and communities.

Our marketplace features an extensive selection of personal care essentials, including wet wipes for female hygiene, stylish mugs for your morning brew, and a curated collection of cosmetics and skincare products. From gentle self-care to indulgent beauty rituals, our products are designed to help you look and feel your best, inside and out.

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Silk Soft India: Where Luxury Meets Convenience