Baby Wet Wipes

Still googling for the best ‘wet wipes for baby’, then here is your answer!

Soft as your touch and safe as your embrace: Silk Soft baby wet wipes 

Introducing your mess-free parenting partner and hygiene companion for your little one, Silk Soft baby wet wipes. Silk Soft baby wet wipes are the perfect pick to maintain your baby’s hygiene routine.


Super Thick and Extra Soft Fabric: Silk Soft baby wet wipes are the safest companion for your little one. We use extra thick and super soft fabric to ensure gentle cleaning for your baby. With each wipe your baby’s skin will be left moisturised and squeaky clean.

No Added Chemicals: Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive. Silk Soft baby wet wipes are crafted to provide gentle baby care to your baby, thus there are no added chemicals such as parabens, alcohol and fragrance. Silk Soft baby wipes are hypoallergenic and provide gentle cleaning to your baby.

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